CoverT 49: Destructuring the Same Property Multiple Times

codeInteractive Code Example

When performing object destructuring you can destructure the same property multiple times. This can be really useful if you want to snag a full object and then snag individual properties too.

function getData() {
  return {
    name: 'Chris',
    job: {
      position: 'Developer',
      company: 'Acme Inc'

const {
  name: a,
  job: b,
  job: {
    position: c,
    company: d
} = getData();

console.log(a); // 'Chris'
console.log(b); // { position: 'Developer', company: 'Acme Inc' }
console.log(c); // 'Developer'
console.log(d); // 'Acme Inc'