CoverT 9: delete vs. undefined

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Using the delete keyword on a property and setting a property to undefined is NOT the same thing! Which one should I use? As always, it depends…

Below is some code to demonstrate scenarios where using delete vs. undefined causes different side effects. Some note worthy items are:


// setting property to undefined does not "remove" the property from the object
let obj = { deleteMe: 1, undefineMe: 2 };
delete obj.deleteMe
obj.undefineMe = undefined;
console.log(obj.hasOwnProperty('deleteMe')); // false
console.log('deleteMe' in obj); // false
console.log(obj.hasOwnProperty('undefineMe')); // true
console.log('undefineMe' in obj); // true

// deleting an override property, will cause the property on the prototype to be used
let extendedObj1 = Object.create({ z: 'fromPrototype' });
extendedObj1.z = 'override';
console.log(extendedObj1.z); // 'override'
extendedObj1.z = undefined;
console.log(extendedObj1.z); // undefined
delete extendedObj1.z;
console.log(extendedObj1.z); // 'fromPrototype'

// delete doesn't effect a property on the prototype
let extendedObj2 = Object.create({ z: 'fromPrototype' });
delete extendedObj2.z;
console.log(extendedObj2.z); // 'fromPrototype'